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Sterling Press & Packaging Inc.

Is your paperboard folding carton specialist!

After nearly 20 years in business in the North American market,  we consider ourselves to be problem solvers, innovative thinkers, and partners with our customers before we think of ourselves as folding carton manufacturers. We've learned to think both inside and outside the box to find solutions to a wide variety of packaging challenges. As a custom box manufacturer, we supply everything from custom paperboard packaging, litho laminated containers, and product package design. You'll find we provide the customized solutions, fast turn-arounds, and exceptional service - all with a "can do" attitude - you need to stay competitive in today's market.

Let us help you build your business, box by box.

Other companies can sell you a carton. Choose Sterling Press & Packaging Inc. for the vision, commitment, speed, quality, service, and innovative solutions that deliver value to every one of your projects.

Why deal with Sterling?

  • Over 20 years in the packaging industry.
  • Privately held, Family Run enterprise.
  • Dedicated to customer success.
  • Flexible and responsive mentality .
  • Track record of consistant high quality.
  • Invest in the latest technologies and processes.
  • Proven Quality System.


The responsiveness starts the first time we meet and never ends as long as you are a Sterling customer.  We pride ourselves on finding answers to questions in a timely manner - from graphic design, to sourcing special materials, to scheduling the delivery of your shipment. Providing customers with the whole package (including great customer service) is what makes Sterling a market leader.

We understand how quality affects the buying decisions of your consumers and that's why we're concerned with your product's overall appearance as well as the integrity and shelf endurance of its packaging.

It's also why we continually invest in the most modern lab testing equipment and processes to ensure that we meet your product specifications with precision.  Our ability to control and test labels for color tone variation ensures the end product will match your original design. We measure all colors with a stringent level of variation from production run to run, so you can count on total consistency of look and feel.

We also use high quality paperboard to ensure that your product's package looks great both in our manufacturing facility and at point-of-purchase.  Our customized manufacturing capabilities allow us to create packaging that stays true to your vision of how your new or existing brand should present itself to the world.

At Sterling, we also stay in touch with our customers every step of the way throughout both the design and manufacturing process. This constant flow of communication ensures that we meet your quality expectations on time and on budget.

Make a statement with your package. Create a distinct, different, and daring look guaranteed to attract attention.

Thank You!